Discipline and training are both important in building honorable character and individual responsibility in children.
The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management  System--the award-winning,  internationally-recognized  system that really works &  develops positive character in  children of all ages using  intrinsic motivation by  consistently reinforcing their  strong points and gently  correcting their weak ones.  Educators and parents alike  recognize the importance of    discipline and training in the  development of character in  young people. All agree that this effort can be a real challenge.

That's why it's important for your school to incorporate the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System into each classroom. We provide everything you need to get started, including reproducible support materials and a training DVD. Award winning and internationally recognized, the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System provides your teachers with a simplified process for encouraging honorable character development while giving educators greater freedom to teach -- a demonstrated success for all involved.

You'll find with this system that classroom interruptions can be significantly reduced. This helps to decrease the frustrating, negative discipline that teachers often feel obligated to use.

The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System provides immediate benefits in the classroom, as well as lifelong benefits. Parents and educators can readily partner together in recognizing every student's positive character strengths and innate gifts. As each student prepares for his purpose in life, the lessons learned at all ages can be enthusiastically received by all who are involved in this commitment: parent, teachers, and the student. Reinforce the development of these same character traits at home with our HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Home System.

Positive Tool. Simple Process. The Complete HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System -- order it for your school today!